Incredibly pure tequila, one that Aztecs would revel in.

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Our Story

Aztecs were among the most loyal, ferocious fighters in history. Victories and sacrifices were celebrated by drinking the sacred agave plant. This pasote spirit lives on in our matchless Jalisco Highlands tequila. From the guerreros who guard each bottle to the exacting effort put into its content, we are certain you will revel in our tribute to warriors everywhere.

Dedication to the craft

Using hand-forged tools, we pursue the venerable art of tequila making. We use only natural ingredients to craft Pasote with no color or flavor additives to produce an incredibly pure tequila with clean roasted agave flavors, one that Aztecs would revel in.


With incredibly pure agave flavors, this highlands tequila was crafted to be enjoyed on the rocks or added as a base for clean and refreshing cocktails.

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